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About Us
Husqvarna OUTLET: (Husk-var-na  Out-let)
 An international customer service center that supplies rare parts and technical information to Husqvarna motorcycle Riders and Dealers for ALL models of Husqvarna motorcycles from years 1968 - 2019!

Founder of Husqvarna Outlet 
Chris Nicholas - President of Husqvarna Outlet

Chris Nicholas

Your nearest Husqvarna Dealers can supply almost everything you need.  Husqvarna Outlet is an international customer service center designed to supply additional support when your local dealers cannot help.

Please remember that motorcycles are HIGHLY addictive and life threatening.  Common side effects from riding motorcycles are serious injuries, death, or dismemberment so please ride safe because you never know what is around the corner.

Best regards,

Chris Nicholas
President of Husqvarna Outlet

Husqvarna Outlet
is located in:

Buckley, Washington - United States

Please do not return any packages
without prior instructions!

All of the parts/services available on this website come from a network of manufacturers, distributors, and franchised Husqvarna dealers located internationally.  Husqvarna Outlet is not a franchised dealer of Husqvarna in any way, shape, or form.  Husqvarna Outlet specializes in helping customers and dealers who need additional assistance with locating parts and/or technical information. 

For years 1968 thru 1989, Husqvarna Outlet has a warehouse full of over 100,000 vintage Husqvarna motorcycle parts including New OEM parts that are still in the original box to re-production new, restored to new, and used parts that work like new parts.  Also available is a variety of vintage Husqvarna motorcycles For Sale including bikes restored to new condition, used bikes, and bikes that are ALL original.  You can order vintage Husqvarna parts or have your used parts restored to new simply by contacting our vintage specialist with the Vintage Parts Request Form.

For years 1990 thru 2019, Husqvarna Outlet specializes in finding discontinued and backordered OEM Husqvarna motorcycle parts along with aftermarket parts and compatible parts from competing brand name manufacturers.  European manufacturers like Husqvarna, KTM, and Ducati have been using similar parts for decades.  For example, a rod kit for a 1990’s KTM can be easily modified to fit a 1990’s Husqvarna along with some Ducati parts are identical to Husqvarna parts.  This is because a lot of motorcycle manufacturers use the same parts suppliers like Brembo brakes, Excel rims, Keihin fuel systems, Ohlins suspension, etc. 

Husqvarna Outlet has access to dealers all across the world who sell a wide variety of brands which enables us to utilize all resources available to fulfill almost all customer requests.  If your nearest Husqvarna dealers do not have everything needed then tell us what you need by submitting the OEM Parts Request Form and we'll find the nearest dealer(s) with your parts in stock.

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